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Prison and jail doors

Jail and prison cell doors J&W-11/DCW comply to standards:

» PN-EN 1627:2012 class „RC4"
» PN-B-92270:1990 class „C″

The J&W-11/DCW doors are used by/for prison cells, arrests, detention centers, police, border guards, and military.

The construction is based on the construction of "RC4" and "C" class security doors additionally equipped with accessories complying with the regulation of the Ministry of Interior and Administration.
From the inside, the wing is covered with a 2mm thick steel sheet, from the outside the thickness of the sheet is 1.5mm. The filling is a steel grate. The acoustic and isothermal insulation is assured by 5 cm mineral wool, non-flammable. On the hinged side, 3 anti-burglary bolts, 3 steel bearing hinges, welded to the door frame.

Following to the requirements, the doors have a conical viewfinder (height of 1.5 m), protected from the prison cell side with tempered glass, and on the other side by a movable vision panel.
Jail and prison cell doors can be equipped with additional elements, eg in the electric strike, door closer, electromagnetic actuator, sensors.

The doors can be made to any size.

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