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Steel grating

Steel grating J&W/KS fixed J&W/KR opened, comply to following standards:
» PN-EN 1627: 2012     class "RC3"

Coucil of Ministers' decree
Regulation No. 57/MON of December 16, 2011
Regulation No. 48/MON of December 24, 2013

The steel grating manufactured by us meet the requirements of the Ministry of National Defense, the OIN Military Object Protection Manual, prison services and other public administration institutions.

The steel grating is made in a welded frame from a flat or bent profile, from steel bars reinforced horizontally by flat bars, additionally it can be equipped with a steel wire mesh.

The opened steel grating is equipped with 3 hinges welded to the frame, and its closing is possible with the help of an expanding lock blocking up, down and side or an attested padlock.

According to the Act on the Protection of Classified Information of January 22, 1999, the windows of the security office located below 5m above the level of the surrounding area or above 3m from the roof level should be secured with steel grating.

Following the requirements of the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of October 18, 2005, we produce steel grating made of rods with a 16mm cross-section, with space 150x150mm. 

Following the requirements of Regulation No. 57/MON of December 16, 2011 and Regulation No. 48/MON of December 24, 2013, we produce steel grating in a frame made of flat bar 45x6mm, steel bars with a diameter of 20mm, every 150mm, reinforced horizontally flat bars 45x6 at intervals of 500mm.

For private houses and institutions without specific requirements, we also offer steel gratings with a different mesh spacing and arrangement, in accordance with the individual needs of the customer. However, they are always robust and solidly made grids, providing security, varnished in any RAL color, and their size is adapted to the individual needs of the customer.

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