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Security office panel

In order to meet the market demand for adjusting the premises of the secret registry to the requirements of the Act on Protection of Classified Information of January 22, 1999 and executive acts, including Regulation of the Council of Ministers of October 18, 2005 "on the organization and operation of secret offices" and the Annex to the above-mentioned Regulation and Regulation No. 25/MON of the Minister of National Defense of November 17, 2005. J&W has developed a new product, the SECURITY OFFICE PANEL.

double-walled steel sheet 2.0 mm thick, reinforced internally with an additional 2 mm thick sheet, with insulating filling in the form of non-flammable mineral wool - effective thickness 51 mm.

1. The security office panel is used, among others to partition the security zone within which security office will be created.
As it is both light and durable construction, it is sometimes the only alternative to adapting the external walls of the office to follow the requirements without overloading the construction of the building. Applying the proposed solution in an easy and quick way, you can obtain a reinforced wall with a limit load capacity smilar to at least a brick structure made of full brick 250 mm thick.
The weight of a single reinforcement with a wall surface area of 0.5 m x 3.0 m is only 78 kg.

2. The panel meeting the requirements of PN-EN 1143-1: 2000 class I allows also for building a zone inside a storage room, where documents or materials classified as "CONFIDENTIAL", "SECRET" and "TOP SECRET" are allowed outside steel cabinets. Such a room becomes the only solution for organizational units storing or processing classified information of non-standard sizes, such as maps, drawings, plans, etc., which until now has been difficult to place in standard steel cabinets or safes.

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