Our doors have composite structure of the steel frame including the threshold. There are no separate pieces in the door (no weak spots), which makes the structure very strong and solid. The leaf is covered on both sides with steel sheet with thickness required for a particular type of door. The construction of the door panel was reinforced and stiffened with a steel lattice.

The space between the inner and outer metal sheet is filled with a thermal and acoustic insulator
in the form of 5 centimeters of mineral wool, non-flammable.

The doors are equipped with three anti-theft bolts on the hinge side and three bearing hinges.

Door frame is offered in two versions:
full frame - profiled and angle

On all our products there is a nameplate issued by the Institute of Precision Mechanics, informing about the serial number of the door, the number of the Certificate classifying these doors and their special properties (eg class "RC4", EI30).

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